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Can Photography Be A Hobby?

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Photography has many benefits, but can it be a great hobby? Well in my opinion it’s a resounding yes. I believe that when you first pick up your first DSLR camera you enter into a world full of possibilities. Photography will take you outdoors embarking on an adventure or inside unravelling the technical difficulties and hurdles involved in studio work.

It can be a relaxing hobby, it doesn’t need to be stressful. You can just concentrate on the environment and what’s around you at the current time. In this way it can be great for your mental health as it takes you away from your own mind and helps you concentrate on the present.

I personally use photography in this way to escape from reality for a bit and go on an adventure of my own.

I think that it’s about maintaining a balance between working life and photography in-order for it to become a hobby and not a strain on work life. By making sure you keep your day job but do photography on the side then after some time you will be able to make the transition from hobby to professional if it’s something the interests you. But if you’re still testing the waters then only make the move when you’re really ready, that means having a great business plan and some marketing sense.

When I first started Photography, it was as a hobby and a tool used to capture moments, but over time it became an Art form to me, manipulating light in a variety of ways has a therapeutic effect. Putting the model at ease is a skill in itself and seeing what hasn’t been seen before can be challenging as no one wants to create what has been done before. The whole point of being creative is to create something new and fresh for the viewers eyes.

Using photography as a hobby gives you time to decide what field is most appropriate for you to go into. This could be landscapes, portraits and many other genres but having tried most types I must say I prefer portraits. Mainly because I believe the image can carry more emotion through it, and speaks to the viewer in a deeper way compared to the other genres.

Fear can be a factor in why people don’t take that first step and it doesn’t turn into a hobby. Questions like am I good enough? Will people like my work? Can all surface in the mind. But that’s exactly what it is. A thought in your mind. If you can beat this then there’s not much else for you to worry about.

To conclude, its entirely your choice what you decide to do. Whether it be as a profession or a hobby, you must come to the realisation by yourself for what works for you and your current situation. But never let anyone tell you that you cannot succeed in photography and make it a hobby because there will always be people who don’t be believe in what you do. I have experienced this throughout my career but I always followed my instincts instead of others peoples thoughts.

So block out all that noise, pick up a camera and give it a try.