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Event photography

This part of my website has been made especially for event photography purposes. Here I hope to inspire you to work with me.

Please view a collection of special event photographs from the events I have done. From capturing a choir singing to helping to photograph a prom or a christening you can rely on me to produce amazing work every time.

I have years of experience in this sector and more importantly I love the work I do, creating an experience to remember for my clients

Event Photography FAQ’s

What information do you need from a client before you start work?

Normally I would need the location of the photoshoot and also how long the shoot is for. I would need to know the date and if prints are required. Any key bits of information about the day would also help. When and where the event is taking place. How many people are involved and of course how long you want me for.

What style of event photographs do you take?

I am flexible. My clients vary but generally they want to capture the feel of the day. Document it visually. This style is called 'Reportage' i.e. I'm reporting on the day. However, some event photography clients also like the conventionally posed photos with groups. For this I can bring props, to make it visually interesting and help people relax. I do both!

What's the secret to capturing a great photograph?

It is my belief that capturing the emotion of the subject leads to an outstanding photo. Also portraying them in their natural state rather than a force expression normally helps. I like my event clients to be relaxed. They should enjoy the whole experience of being photographed!

What other things do I need to know to photograph a great event?

During the event there may be special people you want to make sure are photographed at the event i.e. VIP's! It helps if you give me a complete itinerary. That way we can be sure to capture all the important people and moments.

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