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Headshot Photography Package

30mins of my time

20 photos to choose from

Headshot Photography

This section of my website is designed to showcase my headshot photography work, this is a requirement for many Actors and LinkedIn professionals who require profile pictures for webpages and application forms but the headshot has many other usages as well.
During your session we will go through different poses and postures as well as using different backgrounds to create the look that you want. Please contact me directly if you have any further questions.

What do you need to know for great headshot photograph?

For a Headshot or Portrait photograph as it is sometimes known, I need to know what the photographs are going to be used for, if you want a studio shoot or if you prefer an alternative location ie. your office or a park?

I'm a student, do you offer any discount photography packages?

Above you can see the various packages I offer. If you're still studying like an actor. Call me I'm sure we can work something out?

Do you have a photographic studio?

I operate out of two studios in Bristol one located in Patchway, Bristol and one nearer the centre of Bristol City, - whatever is more convenient. 

What do I need to know before turning up for my shoot?

Depending on the nature of the shoot, clothes and hair can be important. Obviously for a business headshot it may be different for an actors headshot. A plain shirt or top is usually best. Try and avoid anything with a heavy pattern it my distract from the subject - i.e. you!

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