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How Photography Helps Mental Health

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Photography can improve your mental health by taking you out of thinking about the past or future and into the current. This is a therapy called mindfulness and there are many courses online that provide information on this subject.

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All of us may experience some form of mental health issue through out our lives and it is through this we can see how small things like keeping a schedule and engaging in a hobby like photography can be beneficial. People that suffer from mental health issues can find it difficult to socialise and interact with there local community, photography helps you get out and gives you a subject to talk about with the people you may meet when you are outside.

Being relaxed is large part of being mindful and can directly bring your stress levels down, doing this on a frequent basis will help to Improve your outlook on life. By bringing joy to peoples lives through photography we indirectly bring joy to ourselves, seeing others happy can make us happy and brings a sense of community spirit into play.

Creativity can create an outlet for good and bad emotions just like other forms of art it’s a channel for expression giving the viewer a sense of connection between each image captured. When we create something we give ourselves something to do that can give us a sense of achievement, It helps time past by and relieves us from mundane and boring situations that life sometimes presents us. Photography gives the photographer something to concentrate on, an area to grow with boundless opportunity for expansion, it’s a fantastic pursuit.

Without photography I personally would find life a lot harder as I use it as a form of escapism and a way to connect with people. I urge you if you haven’t tried it try it and experience the wonders of photography for yourself.