Shaun Henry Photography

Bristol Photographer


Being a Bristol photographer growing up in Bristol and living here all my life i have always been surrounded by creativity, I first started my photography journey in my late teens i learned to take photos in Bristol and surrounding area, creatively by learning from other photographers, reading books and through experience gained and understanding of what clients want.
I have now worked as a photographer in Bristol for over ten years developing my craft and style and aim to go on for as long as possible.
I like to push myself in everything i do and photography especially allows me to do that, putting in 100% all of the time is what i aspire to as i believe life can be hard at times but we must make the most out of everyday if possible

I was raised in a small close nit family which gave me allot of the drive i have, it also resulted in me having a passion for all things creative as my family always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Having a balance in life is important for me so i always make time to relax, in this time i enjoy spending time with my family going for a walk in the park, exploring new places and catching up with friends and of course photography for pleasure!