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1 hour of drone photography to Include all images from the hour

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Drone photography

Drone use is becoming more common in 2021 and being a drone pilot for over 3 years has enabled me to offer my services to meet up with the demand of today.
Drone photography can be used to capture amazing family portraits from the sky using technology in this way enables us to gain a different angles of view which we might have not been able to get before. Some of the drones uses are listed below.


Furthermore my drone can be used to photograph property and land as well as the landscape that surrounds it, making excellent use of a view from above can really sell a house.

Inspections can be carried out on damaged properties which might have had damage in hard to reach areas or when doing maintenance work on solar panels, the possibilities endless.


Construction workers can make good use of drone operators as we can give workers access to view on going work from the sky allowing the viewer to see aspects of work being carried out without the use of heavy/costly machinery.

I use only the most up to date drones in my work and I have access to thermal imaging capability’s

Fully License

Are you legally allowed to pilot a drone?

There are restrictions on piloting a drone and unfortunately a lot of people who offer the service aren't legal. As you can see from the image above I am fully licensed to operate a drone!

Are there any risks to operating a drone?

Drone photography does carry some risks that conventional photography doesn't. I have been trained to carry out a risk assessment before working on any project and fully compliant.

Are you fully insured for drone photography?

Yes as a license drone operator I am fully insured should anything untoward happen.

What do you need to know from me?

For my drone photography clients I need to know the location and subject. Anything you particularly want to capture. 

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